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Welcome to Timeless MediSpa, where our Medical Aesthetics Team uses the latest innovations in advanced medical technology. 


Our next-generation InMode platforms of non-surgical, and non-invasive, cutting-edge treatments correct and enhance your natural beauty. We are the largest InMode service provider with 20 modalities, plus we are the Top-Rated Medical Spa in Southern Ontario for body contouring, skin tightening, micro-needling with RF, diode laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation for brown spots and red vascular lesions, leg veins, plus our passion and focus on Women’s Wellness with life-changing technology.  In combination with our platforms, we also offer medical grade skincare products and treatments to boost your overall results!


Our Medical Service Team oversees our in-spa consults and treatments while providing their own specialized services.  Along with electrosurgery, hair restoration, PRP (platelet rich plasma), both Dr. Bobby, MD and Angela Duncan, RN are certified Advanced Injectors with toxin and dermal fillers.  With only 2 family physicians in Ontario, and less than 5 surgeons in Ontario providing Accutite, Timeless MediSpa is fortunate to have Dr. Bobby, MD providing this amazing treatment for our patients!

Timeless MediSpa is committed to continuing our education and training, providing each person with their own individual goal plan. Being partnered with a leading global provider of innovative and award- medical technologies that harness novel radio-frequency (RF) based technology that leads the industry in enhancing beauty and well-being we strive to continue being the top medical spa and providing the best solutions for all our patients concerns.




InMode Celebrity Treatments

Morpheus8 Body, Forma

Kim Kardashian


Morpheus8, EvolveX

Eva Longoria


Morpheus8, EvolveX

Jessica Simpson



Nick Scott



Chrissy Teigen

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