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VTone is a non-surgical device that emits safe electrical waves to stimulate and strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles. To regain control over these muscles, many turn to Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor.



With VTone, patients can lay back comfortably and feel the gentle, pulsating waves from the device. These contractions lead to stronger, tighter muscles that give the patient better control over her bladder.

For many women, age and motherhood bring some of the happiest, most joyful experiences –– and some unexpected physiological changes to their pelvic floor. These muscles form a complex network that support the function of the organs at the base of the pelvis. This includes the uterus and vagina, and as many women know all too well, the bladder and urethra. 


When deciding between different pelvic rejuvenation procedures, VTone has unique benefits that make it more desirable for many patients. Those unique benefits include:

Short sessions

No preparation required

A non-surgical procedure 

Can resume daily activities right after

Comfortable and painless 

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