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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

As a patient of Timeless MediSpa, your health and safety remain our top priority!  Even though our pre-pandemic cleanliness & infection control procedures exceeded required protocols, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the need for additional measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

Safety Measures

In addition to our already strict adherence to our cleaning, sterilization and infection control, all Medical Aestheticians, Physician, Nurse and staff will be donning PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  The amount of PPE will be dictated by each specific treatment or procedure they are performing. 


As always, our treatment beds, machines, tools and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between each patient.  Additionally, now we will also be disinfecting surfaces including doorknobs, counters, garbage cans and all touch surfaces as deemed by Ontario Health.

New Protocols

Timeless MediSpa WASHROOM will be LOCKED to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting is followed after each patient.  Please ask for a key. 


Timeless MediSpa Patients will NOT be waiting in the Waiting Room.  We will book patients accordingly to avoid this.  In order to decrease risk of contamination we are limiting spaces and rooms in which you enter.

Until further notice, NO WALK-INS – Appointment Only (including product purchases).

Timeless MediSpa requires you to wear a MASK! If you forget your mask, or do NOT have your own mask you can purchase an Eco-Friendly Specialized enVy™ COPPER Face Mask with Super Soft dual layered TENCEL + Copper Ion Technology.  It is Comfortable, Washable, Reusable, Adjustable* and Suitable for Everyday Personal Use $29.99 in your choice of WHITE, BLACK or Salt-N-Pepa GREY.

In order to begin your treatment on time we strongly recommend all paperwork be filled out and signed prior to arriving, either online with digital signature or signed hard copy.

  • Screening Form (each visit)

  • Consent/liability release waiver (first visit only)

  • Policy and Procedures during COVID-19 (first visit only)

Due to the increased safety measures we must apply at this time, it is imperative we are all ON TIME.  Late appointments of 5 minutes (+) may be required to rebook at a later date. 


If you or anyone in your household is feeling unwell or has any symptoms of COVID-19 (as per our screening form) please notify us as soon as possible to reschedule with no penalties.


In order to comply with the physical distancing rules, we ask that anyone accompanying a patient please wait outside our building or in their vehicle unless absolutely required.Upon initial entry to the office, patients, parents and visitors MUST perform hand hygiene with the provided.In addition, Hand Sanitizer is available in each treatment room.


Each patient is required to Sign-In to our Visitor Log each visit until further notice.



  • You are asked to either wait in your vehicle or outside the building no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

  • If waiting outside the door, please be mindful of social distancing as patients may be leaving the building.

  • If you like, feel free to text us and let us know you have arrived

    • 519-410-6334

  • If you have your own mask, please put it on, if you need to purchase one from our spa, we will have it available at this time for you.

  • You must perform Hand Hygiene.

  • A temperature reading will be taken using a contactless infrared thermometer.

  • You must Sign-In to the Visitors Log.

    • If your temperature reading is within the normal range and you are symptom free, after signing the Visitors Log we will escort you to your treatment room.

    • If your temperature is above 100 oF / 37.8 oC we will reschedule your appointment for a later date.



  • Prior to your treatment we will review the paperwork and ensure it is all complete and current:

    • Screening Form (each visit)

    • Consent/liability release waiver (first visit only)

    • Policy and Procedures during COVID-19 (first visit only)



  • Ensure your mask is still on your face when exiting the treatment room.

  • Perform Hand Hygiene with the alcohol-based sanitizer provided.

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