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The benefits of Copper Infused enVy Pillow include skin enhancement and germ-killing properties.

Copper is scientifically proven to help improve:

• Skin Tone

• Skin Texture

• Skin Wellness 


Empower your beauty sleep with the healing powers of COPPER Technology and the soothing benefits of 100% Pure Mulberry SILK

Here to deliver your optimal power sleep with complete black out, maximum COPPER coverage and zero eye pressure with our unique ergonomic eye relief pockets. 


enVy COPPER products have powerful anti-microbial properties as tested using the standard AATCC-100 tested at 99.9% after 25 home washings.

• 100% Copper Coverage    
• Anti-Microbal 
• Natural Fibres
• Breathable

We carry 3 Colours:
• Night Shift Black
• Professional White
• Salt-N-Pepa Grey

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